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Fraud Protection

It is often seen that credit card fraud and chargeback fees can turn out to be very expensive for online business, especially those which are bottomed within high risk industries like travel and so on. As the laws relating to credit banking stands, it is always the merchant who bears the costs.

Administration this invasive e-commerce risk becomes much easy when one chooses the rightful process, along with the necessary tools and schemes in place to keep fraud transaction at lowest amount. Opening a merchant account with RapidoPayments all the transaction that passes through our gateway, this will be checked for fraud allowing your chargeback levels to go down.

The system relating to fraud detection of RapidoPayments includes some other features:

  • Metrics are assessed in real time in order to identify fraud and chargeback risk
  • Address verification support and card security codes
  • Blacklisting and white listing cards and IP address
  • Block countries by tracking location using negative database
  • Block countries by tracking location using negative database
  • A check on maximum number of transaction attempts
Intelligent Payment Routine
For assuring maximum success rate, automatic transaction routing connection is established between various acquiring banks that also includes subscription retries and failovers.