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Credit Card Processing

If you are interested in processing credit cards through websites and through the internet, then you are in need of a special merchant account designated especially for that purpose

At RapidoPayments we help you to set up credit card processing account which permits one to accept global -brand credit cards visa and MasterCard's, generally termed as the most common online payment methodology. If one is selling to consumers through internet in acceptance of the two major credit cards is an important payment option, it allows one to reach to an array of customers It doesn't really matter if you are a new or an existing merchant, RapidoPayments is sure to provide secured and well to do priced credit processing to suit your online business transaction.

RapidoPayments is associated with numerous banking partners globally making sure of helping merchants establish their own new account relating to merchant procedure, or process merchant payment in order to suit established accounts.

One can open up a RapidoPayments credit card processing account in order to benefit from:

  • Quick and easy approval
  • Good value rate based on volume as well as risk rating
  • Consistent payouts
  • Real time processing
  • Web based reporting tools
  • Fraud protection methodologies
  • No term bond
  • More than one integration options
  • Superlative support and services
Intelligent Payment Routine
For assuring maximum success rate, automatic transaction routing connection is established between various acquiring banks that also includes subscription retries and failovers.