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RapidoPayments gateway has been designated to meet the varied needs of the internet related merchants, which includes the rank of high risk merchants placed in the global pedestal. This particular gateway has been set up in order to be effective and highly vigorous. RapidoPayments allows setting up with a reasonably priced account and internet payment gateway which allows one to accept the credit cards in real time straight from the concerned site.

RapidoPayments gateway can provide you with :

  • Secured credit card processing. The technology of SSL allows to keep your transaction safe
  • RapidoPayments offers internet merchants account which are designated as pre-integrated terms with our payment gateway solution
  • Protection of fraud, reducing the charge back level with in-build fraud protection methods those are preordained with RapidoPayments gateway
  • The optional free virtual terminal is available from our end. Accepting payment by phone or mail or fax, with RapidoPayments merchant account is in availability which allows you to view your transaction
Intelligent Payment Routine
For assuring maximum success rate, automatic transaction routing connection is established between various acquiring banks that also includes subscription retries and failovers.