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About us

RapidoPayments is one of the supreme gateway payment processor, which is run by knowledgeable development individuals. As an organization we like linking customer's merchants as well as financial institution in order to carry out electronic transaction globally. Our experienced team has a total experience of more than one decade in e-commerce payment processing, having worked with major leaders in gateway process globally.

RapidoPayments gateway always has the importance of looking towards the needs for generalized e-commerce and rapid risk on-line merchants targeting on consistency security and decreasing frauds. The employees at RapidoPayments are well aware of the needs relating to online commerce, offering client payment services along with qualitative support ensuring long term amity with a particular client.

RapidoPayments is a firm believer that all the merchants should be accessible to fast and consistent and modest payment solution. As a service provider we endeavor to make changes for high risk merchants for providing a new and different sort of dependability and worth.

In order to ensure the need for e-commerce and high risk management relating to reliability and modest price RapidoPayments stands out to be one of the dominant name in this particular sphere.

If one is opening a new commercial unit or expanding the former business regardless of the place and risk rating, RapidoPayments is here to offer you international payment solution.

Why Choose Rapido Payments

Keep your online financial transactions secured from online thefts through the incorporation of advanced encryption technology

Tailor-made Services

You may make payments via static or mobile devices, as per your requirements. Rapido Payments supports omnichannels.

Enhanced Security with 3-D secured

Our objective is to offer enhanced security layer to the entire system of financial transaction with the use of 3-D secured features.

Flexible Structure

You can buy goods from international merchants using Rapido Payments which is supports cross-border payment structure.

User-friendly E-wallet

No need to enter user information for multiple times using the feature of E-wallet.

Automated Financial Transaction

Rapido Payments gateway automates the financial transaction between the online buyer and the merchant.

Maximise the Success Rate via IPR

Rapido Payments fixes up the automatic transaction routing between multiple acquiring banks.

Go Mobile

You may pay up through mobile wallets, NFC payments or bank transfers via your mobile devices.


Rapido Payments is cost-effective because multiple features are offered within a single package.